Guardian Resources Partnership, Inc.

Guardian Resource Partners, Inc.


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About our alliance


Mission Statement


The mission of Guardian Resource Partners  is to develop a strong network of business professionals and non-competing businesses, to support the oil, gas, petro-chemical and construction industries and to become more successful by sharing ideas, leads, developing long-lasting relationships with ethical and constructive people …


Board of Directors (Board-Driven)


Guardian Resource Partners Board is made up of individuals who share a view and an informed understanding of what is required to establish and maintain an excellent voluntary organization, dedicated to assist business professionals and attain greater successes. 

Consistent with the mission and founding principles of Guardian Resource Partners, the Board seeks to utilize the resources of the organization to establish programs and activities that will encourage and assist its members.



Guardian Resource Partners members are made up of Company Owners who represent specific business categories approved by the Board. Guardian Resource Partners is a category exclusive organization and as such there can be only one member in one category. Board approval is required for each category represented. Once approved by the Board membership in Guardian Resource Partners belongs to the individual member.  

Associate Members

Take the Time to Browse our Associate Members Page to see the Men and Women Behind the Curtain!

Key Employees

Members are always invited to ask one of their Key Employees to attend membership meetings to add value to the discussions.

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Feel free to drop us a line if you are interested in participated in our business organization!

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Guardian Resources Partnership, Inc.

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